Mubariz Afzal
Exploring Computer Science
Hi, my name is Mubariz and I'm a programmer who enjoys building useful programs and apps for people.
Here are some of my projects!
Project 01
Jummah Connections
A carpooling webapp that connects Muslims to their local Jummah congregation. Built with React, MongoDB, Google Maps API, and ExpressJS.
Project 02
A South Asian board game made using C++ and the windowing toolkit FLTK.
Project 03
5x5 2048
5x5 version of the game '2048' made in Java using the AWT and Swing libraries.
Project 04
Hamming Codes
A program that scans input btye by byte and converts it to its Hamming(13, 8) representation. Built as a learning project for C programming.
Project 05
A JavaScript program that extracts mirrored portions of a given text input.

For example: Given the word 'hollow', it would return 'o', 'll', 'l' 'l', 'o', 'ollo' and 'w'.